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From start to finish

Pride in Our Work


is committed to your satisfaction. Our approach is simple: when you select us as your home-builder or remodeling specialist, we do whatever it takes to keep your project on track. This means that we show up with our sleeves rolled up and ready to get your renovation or home built with quality workmanship and quality materials.


how to put quality into a home began early for Steve Morin. He has been working on all phases around the home-building industry for more than 35 years. His hands-on approach has given him a much greater understanding of how to build or remodel with care and efficiency.

Your need

is very important to us. At MORIN K7, all customers are our favorite customers, and are a very important part of our teamwork. When we build something, we always build it as if it was for someone important to us, because it is. In no way do we neglect quality in our work, and always use the highest quality materials give you the best results.

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